How do we achieve profitable and sustainable growth?

We created an agile, tech-savvy and boots-on-the-ground firm with this objective in mind.

As a boutique consulting firm, Bora Consulting helps mining companies to achieve operational excellence. We bring our expertise in maintenance and reliability to improve equipment availability and increase production throughput.

Our consulting framework is founded on 4 fundamentals of your business: People, Processes, Assets and Cash.

Prior to founding Bora Consulting, Alp spent 10 years as operations and maintenance professional across Canada with mining companies, such as Rio Tinto, Vale, Tata Steel and Suncor. He is also a founding partner at Greenlight Partners, a venture studio helping clean-tech startups through business development, capital and fundraising advisory.

Based on our proven approach in maintenance & reliability, we enabled mining and processing operations to achieve significant improvements:

🛠️ Reduce maintenance backlog by 25%
📈 Improve OEE by up to 20%
🎯 Identify the right spare parts at right cost
🔧 20% Defect elimination over 12 months
💰 Cost control and optimization
🚀 Maintenance leadership coaching
💎 Step change in safety performance

With a solid network of experienced professionals and partners, we guarantee a hands-on team with an entrepreneurial attitude.