We help mining companies to improve equipment availability and increase production throughput

With our proven methods in maintenance & reliability, our clients typically see a clear step change from reactive to preventive maintenance and an improvement in OEE by up to 20%.

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  • Alp co-led our team in developing our maintenance management system from the ground up. Right after construction, Alp helped us build an Operational Readiness plan. He played a pivotal role in our journey from commissioning to full production.

    Brian Kavanagh

    Maitenance Manager, Tata Steel Minerals

  • Alp led multiple continuous improvement projects in the maintenance department. He has exceptional knowledge and experience in asset management and CMMS. Besides this, his work ethic and dedication to deliver quality can bring significant value to his clients.

    Hamed Yazdani

    Senior Data Engineering Consultant, Avanade

  • Alp drove our operations and maintenance strategy with a laser focus on safety performance with an overview of asset management tools and methodologies to drive operational performance. Going through a culture change is difficult -however Alp’s drive and passion helped us jump start our journey. Alp was instrumental to improving our culture and cascading it from our leaders to our subordinates.

    Rodney Moore

    Manager, Logistics & Raw Materials, Rio Tinto

  • I worked with Alp at Rio Tinto on the Transformation Office Team. We were tasked with taking over a ~$100M USD run rate cost transformation at the largest manufacturing complex in British Columbia, Canada. We inherited a ~$40M USD gap to target and had 1 year to identify, prioritize, and execute value creation initiatives to close it. Working with the site’s executive management team, we were able to close the gap and reach the transformation objective ahead of schedule.

    Tomas L. C.

    Manager, Operations M&A, KPMG

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